Law Firm Marketing – 3 Common SEO Mistakes

Law Firm Marketing – 3 Common SEO Mistakes

If you’re a new law firm owner, you must build a new website. If you’re an existing law firm owner, then chances are that you need to perform some overdue maintenance on your existing website.

Unfortunately, SEO Perth Experts advise us that many law-related websites have significant problems on the SEO front. These problems can impact things like SEO scores and search engine rankings but can also negatively impact the user experience. Ultimately, you must do everything possible to avoid common SEO mistakes when building and maintaining your website.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled three of the most common SEO mistakes lawyers make. They include:

  1. Ignoring meta descriptions and page titles

It’s essential to include as much information as possible on every single page of your website. Search engine crawler bots analyse Every bit of information you have when they’re looking at your website and then determine your search engine ranking. If your page titles and meta descriptions are missing, there will be much less information for the bots to analyse, and your search engine ranking will almost certainly be lower.

Changing your meta descriptions and page titles is very easy. Most content management systems let you do this while creating content. Although most small business owners overlook these options and leave the fields blank, filling them in a few extra minutes is essential.

  1. Having broken links

Broken links within your website signify a run-down, poorly maintained website. If your website contains broken links, you will almost certainly receive an SEO penalty, negatively impacting your search engine rankings.

It’s important to make sure that you go through and check all of the links on your website regularly. If you’ve only got a small site, it may be possible to check each link manually. If your website is larger you will need to use some tool. A quick internet search will reveal various tools for detecting and removing broken links.

  1. Using images and videos that aren’t optimised

It’s very important to ensure that all of your visual content is optimised for your website. If it isn’t, it could cause your site to load slowly, leading to a worse visitor experience and a lower SEO ranking.

It’s also important to make sure that you include a meta-title and an alt text to tell search engine crawler bots what the image is about. Make sure that these are descriptive and an accurate representation of your image.

Final Word

The huge majority of webmasters make silly SEO mistakes which could be easily avoided if they were to spend a bit of time maintaining their website. As the owner of a law firm site, it’s very important to make sure that you avoid these mistakes, especially if you’re trying to achieve a high search engine ranking for competitive keywords.