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Understanding Child Support

Understanding Child Support

In 2008 the law regarding child support calculations in Georgia underwent a radical change. Prior to the 2008 changes you stood a fairly good shot of being able to figure out your child support obligation on the back of a napkin. Today the Georgia courts use an income sharing approach to determine child support payments.

A large number of factors are considered in making a child support determination. To make the calculations you are going to need your laptop loaded with Excel, a copy of the Official Code of Georgia, and arguably a law degree to make sure that the calculations are done in your best interest.

Naturally as attorneys, we are all ecstatic that what was once so clear is now hidden in algorithims so deep it’s clear that no one in the Georgia Legislature actually understood the math before they passed the law. That’s an issue you can take up with your local representative at a future date.

At the moment you will need a law firm that is familiar with the new system of calculations and how each judge applies them.